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TiP Quarantine Jam #1

Let’s get together online and experiment collaboratively with positive ways to interact while in self-isolation and quarantine!

Join us from your home (including anyone who is there…) as we create teams and design: games, music, art, stories, interactive cooking experiences or anything playful we can come up with and try out. Participation is open for anyone to join.

When: Tuesday, March 24, 13:00-21:00 CET

We will kick off the Jam with a zoom meeting at 13:00 CET for everyone to go over the process and form teams. There will be playtesting throughout the jam.

Here’s the link to the zoom meeting:

Schedule and further tools will be posted here!

How to prepare:

Note: This is just a first try at this format - we’re planning on runnning more of these, also in different time zones/durations.

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This is the correct time, we decided to start a bit later so our friends in different timezones can join us!

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I’d love to join! (I’m currently working on games and running Improv Zoom sessions for quarantine


I’ll have a go at this, if I am able

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Thank you @Benjamin! It would be wonderful to have you with us

Great! Hope to see you on Tuesday.

I would also like to join!


Hey guys, I would also like to join :slight_smile:


@MarinaKy14 @Highfather @LizzieH @KyrAvram @soly @jyow @awhitney @LeaLeroy @Coll1sion @LukaMilorava @BagelandBalloon

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I’ll be there, see you!


I’m joining!! Planning to play around with node.js + p5.js to create something interactive in real-time!!


me too, can’t wait! (still awaiting confirmation if i can be out of office, will let you know if i cannot join)

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Hey Quarantineers, I would also love to join tomorrow!

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I 'd love to join! I am working from home tomorrow until 4pm CET, is it possible to join for the initial meeting at 1-2pm (long lunch break :wink: ) and then at 4:30pm? I 'd be happy to playtest and collaborate even if I miss the first brainstorming/design phase. Otherwise I hope to join the next one!

I am a games enthusiast in Berlin with an interest in playtest/design. I 've been mostly into theater/improv games and live-action or tabletop rpgs lately, but open to all projects. Excited to see what we can do online!

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Hello. Yes, I am definitely up for this!

Looking forward to it



Hi there, you can join us anytime :slight_smile:

I´m in as well,
looking forward

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Hey guys! I am ready to join too! :heart_eyes_cat:

Hi guys, I’ll only be able to join in an hour, is it still possible to be part of the game jam? :rabbit::alarm_clock:

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Hi everyone, I was hoping to try to do a little Zoom meeting play test on Monday evening (20th April), 17:30 CET. The idea is to go through the rules together to see if they make sense and then for everyone to have a go at playing in their own homes whilst on camera. To play all you need is 1 or more other people and something you can make a hoop shape out of (rolled up paper / bent wire (e.g. coat hanger) / spare bike tyre). Full game details here.

In total it should only take 40 minutes, unless any one else would like to piggyback and test their game during the same call? (Please do!) Will post call link here on the day.

Also on a totally different subject, I’m looking for donations of playing cards and fortune-telling cards…

Thanks guys!
Lizzie xx