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European Cultural Fund - Grant Writing Lab, meeting 3

On Tuesday, 23.06.2020 we met with @Sa.rah @LizzieH and @soly and had almost 2hrs discussion about the grant for ECF. First ideas about the grant concerned exchange of crafts and skills all over the world (possibly starting with the areas where we are - Germany/Austria, UK/Portugal, Burkina Faso, Eastern Europe). You can find those descriptions in previous topics: here and here.

However, this time we once again started from scratch and here are the thoughts that were expressed during the meeting (well - some of them, as the meeting was quite long):

  1. We had a quick look at the projects selected for first round of ECF - there is big diversity of them, we decided that there is a chance for everyone, however - not so big chances as there is plenty of application and not much money for them.

  2. We got back to thoughts about what we would really like to do. Seems that crafts and sharing skills idea is not so relevant for us, and we would rather make this project GAMES - which gathered us in this community at the beginning.

  3. We would like to continue the mission of Trust in Play - still talk about games, share games between us, still maintain network of game designers all over the world. So - we want to use this network and create some kind of exchange. Things that are yet to be decided:

  • what do we want to exchange? (ideas or physical things send throught post? do we want to exchange games - produced by us or collected from our environment?)
  • do we want to exchange “something” only between TiP community members or we want to spread this and use TiP members as a kind of nodes?
  • what should be the mechanics about exchange? @soly said that everyone is exchanging something, how should our project be differnt form that? Are we going to make some special mechanic of an exchange (possibly gamified)?
  1. We also decided that this is the good moment to start working actual description of the project, which we will do soon.

  2. Next meeting is scheduled on tuesday 30.6. at 19h Berlin time here:

  3. Last but not least - maybe we should merge three topics about this grant?


I wrote some first draft of the idea, but still - there are more questions than answers. Maybe it would be good to go through questions form application together today?

Maybe if you share the draft we can read it before the meeting? I will be there as well!
Talk later

Hey everyone, if the call happens this week as well, I can join - I am sorry for the last two weeks, I just really needed a zoom detox :slight_smile:

On a less positive note, there is this info about the last ECF round - which makes me think it’s good to maybe scale it down to simple prototyping and design work, maybe including participation of local communities, and going for a small amount to basically pay yourselves for some research and production?

OPEN CALL CULTURE OF SOLIDARITY FUNDStage 2June-September2020FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSRe-submissionsfrom 1stround My proposal was not selected in the first round. Can I apply again? Can I re-submit my proposal in the second round?If you applied for funding in the first submission round, but werenot selected, you are more than welcome to apply again. You may do so with a new project but could also consider re-submitting your original project. Please note that although the general framework of the call remained the same, the guidelines and criteria have been slightlyadaptedfor the second submission round. We recommend that you have a thorough read of the full guidelines before you apply to see whetheryour proposal needs some rethinkingand/or adjustments. How many people apply per round? What are the chances that I get funding?The turnout for the first submission round significantly exceeded any expectations we had: we received nearly 2500 applications. With 29 projects awarded (as opposed to the originally communicated 12-15 projects/roundwhich we later expanded due to the overwhelming response), this means a success rate of 1.16%. We expect that this coming second round will be equally competitive,as unfortunately we have limited funding available.