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European Cultural Fund - Grant Writing Lab, meeting 2

So the last meeting was a little chaotic because of tech problems, but I took a few notes…

Although we weren’t all able to stick around for the whole call, @Nskocz, @matteo_uguzzoni, @Sa.rah (in Berlin, from Austria), @MGrelewski (in St Petersburg, from Poland) and myself (in Lisbon, from UK) were in the conversation.

We had a little recap of what had already been talked about last week. Natalia summarised it as skill-sharing of artisanal pastimes between different locations and generations (I think! Tell me if I got this right N!). Michal suggested we have a look at Reddit gifts, which is about sharing things between strangers. He also asked whether the intention was for us to craft a game together (across locations), or gamify the crafting/skill sharing itself.

I shared some feedback from one of my contacts who has previously done a cultural project about crafts in the Algarve:

  • There is a tension between older people doing craft as pastime and younger designer folk doing pieces that are marketed and packaged and of higher cost, a tension to do with very different understandings of time (not as resource / as resource).

  • it’s good to map all the activities already happening in the chosen thematic and physical areas (e.g. for this previous project they mapped all craft activities in the central region of the Algarve as well as some surrounding areas).

  • it would be better to have strong convincing links between a smaller number of countries (3?) than weaker links between more (5).

  • Even the largest funding pot (€50,000) is quite a small budget for a project involving several countries once events, publicity, website, travel to other countries etc. are included. (After this point we decided that despite the budget challenges, it would be better to go for the €30k pot as it has a higher chance of being selected)

  • the relationship between urban games and craft is not yet clear

I then shared my own thoughts of things we need to decide soon:

• the focus for the project and reason for its existence (!) - as the craft idea seems quite tentative at the moment

• whether the urban play element from the previous project will also be part of this one

• whether international travel will be taking place, or if the project design from the outset is ‘covid-proof’ and based on remote working and/or each working in our own local areas

• which countries and why!

After we lost everyone else from the call (!), Sarah and I spoke about whether the craft focus felt like the right direction. We agreed that before deciding to definitely go with this idea, it would be great if everyone could go away and think if there are any themes/project ideas that could be considered. …so people if you have any cross-border project ideas you’ve been itching to try out, let’s have a chat!
@soly @alex_levene


@LizzieH Thanks for notes! And sorry for getting out of the cal earlier.

Just a few notes - thoughts from me:

  1. Reddit gifts: - there are different types of it, it worked liked this:
  • firstly we filled a form with a short info of our background, place that we live, interests and so on
  • than platform assigned our gift - mate - so I made gift for someone and someone did it for me. I recieved super cool shirt clips with a small pieces of map of Russia and Poland. It is not so much relevant to this project but one thing that I want to emphasize is that it was realy very unique feeling to recieve some physical gift, prepared especially for me from someone from another country. Maybe that is the feeling we can somehow recreate in our project.
  1. I like the idea of crafts but I am more into gaming :slight_smile: That is why I thought about making whole exchange process gamified if it does makes sense. When thinking about game there is a story that is coming to my mind: We now live in a strange world, seems that many changes are in front of us. Exchanging skills, sharing crafts is something that in this context I associate with postapo world. Well - I don’t think there’s an apocalypse coming but maybe sharing some basic skills, old techniques and so on is not so irrelevant :slight_smile:

food for thought, ECF published its first round winners, you can have a look at what grabbed their attention:

Where are we meeting today? I can join only at 19:30h so please start without me.

hello, ready here :wink: :wink: :wink:

I am ready now, can be ready in 30 min as well. Better start now I think :slight_smile: Do we have some link?

Where are you meeting? Here:
Or are you here: - I cannot enter. Can you let me in?

I am going to jitsi. Hope you’re there!

Hi all, we are digging deeper and mooving forward. Next meeting is on tuesday 30.6. at 19h Berlin time here:
Please like this link if that works for you. If it does not work for you please suggest another date/time!

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I ping you to make sure you see the time/date/link to the next meeting: @LizzieH @MGrelewski @soly @alex_levene @Nskocz @matteo_uguzzoni

sorry, the electricity got cut suddenly, luckily I spent the most of the time with you. the next week appointment works for me. have a nice evening!

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Sorry, I had to take a zoom detox this week, I am back on duty next week! thanks for carrying on with with <3

@soly - no problem, we talked for a long time so we just made summary and disconnected after you switched off. @Nskocz - we missed you but we understand :slight_smile:

I will write short summary of the meeting soon.